About The Brand

Handcrafted in Korea, SPUR shoes are the perfect balance of both comfort and style. Be spoilt for choices from our wide range of flats, loafers, wedges, heels and boots that are perfect for all seasons.

SPUR is currently available in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, and in over 25 stores in South Korea alone. SPUR Singapore is managed and marketed by House of 28 Pte Ltd.

Phone:(65) 65700177

7 Layers Of Comfort,
Handcrafted In Korea

Each shoe is intricately crafted by hand, and consists of 7 layers, all of which adds to the brand’s signature level of comfort paired with the vision to provide designer quality shoes at affordable prices.

Shoe Upper
Shoe Upper
Shoe Inner Cushion
Shoe Inner Cushion
Shoe Inner Cushion
Shoe Insole
Shoe Insole
Polyurethane Resin
Shoe Mid Sole
Shoe Arch Support
Arch Support
Shoe Ankle Support Mid Sole
Ankle Support Middle Sole
Shoe Rubber Sole
Rubber Sole
Making of SPUR

Making Of SPUR Shoes

All SPUR Urban Mine Shoes are handcrafted by skilled shoemakers in the heart of Seoul, Korea. Each process is carefully administered so that the result is a high quality pair of shoes that marries both comfort and fashion seamlessly.